by Oldermost

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released 20 November 2010

Album recorded by:

Bradford Bucknum
Peter Phillips
Stephen Robbins
Dan Wolgemuth

Mixed by Bill Moriarty
Mastered by Sam Cusumano

Featuring David Richard on piano and strings, Mary Lattimore on harp and Jaclyn Levis on additional background vocals.



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Oldermost Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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Track Name: Lose Your Mind
padded room, honeymoon
phases of a distant moon
changes made too soon
oh, I'm not ready for you
because I've got too many bad years to choose from

voices fill and towers move
our lost words lifted by a smoke plume
heads hung low at saloons
oh, I'm not ready for you
because I've got too many bad years to choose from

if you're gonna lose your mind
i'll lose mine too
Track Name: Kensington
this city has four legs
this city has its own mind
four legs and a jaw that grinds
the man down to what's left when you find him

bars on every corner, mothers and mourners
fighters and riders along with rusty tires

bullet holes in siding, dead bolts and hiding
broken glass, working class and homes shelled by fire
and all the shoes tied tight and high above our heads on telephone wires

don't let the city streets keep you inside all year
no sense in being afraid of the ones who were made with numbered hairs on each precious head
Track Name: Wool Dress
that is surely a great dress
was it made from sheep
slaughtered by your hands
forcing all of God's commands
to gather dust in my mind

and i thought i made it clear
you weren't supposed to come around this year
and i thought i tried my best
until you came around in that wool dress
but responding she said,
"you were the one to invite me
upstairs and into your bed."

now i find myself again
gasping for breath beneath your cold white skin
why didn't i know the road to hell
would be this slow and gradual
but responding she said,
"you were the one to invite me
each day into your head"

sick and tired of the city bus ride i take
every morning as i rise
and i need a drink, a Sabbath or a surprise

all my dreams have been ripped open at the seams
there's the city i live in and the Garden of Eden
i need some rest, some travel and a little bit of time

but oh my God, how i've tried
but my eyes seems to miss you

but i say, "get back, get back, oh get back, behind me!"
Track Name: Dwarf Redwood
oh fingerprints
and what's happened since
the rise and the fall

but behind the house
underneath the dwarf redwood tree

handfuls of soil speckled with clay
tiny reminders of the first day
with a crash and a bang
you rose up and sang
how we began

do i have to talk to you?
do i have to trust you?
can't i just love you?
but how can i hold you if i cannot see you?